About Community Outreach Volunteering

What is an Outreach Volunteer?

About Community Outreach:

You don’t have to answer crisis line phones to save lives! Community Outreach Volunteers are equally important because they provide support in a wide variety of ways. Opportunities to participate with SFSP as a Community Outreach Volunteer are frequently available once you’ve completed Hotline Volunteer training. 

Here are examples of some of the potential volunteer activities:

  • Providing resources and information to neighborhood organizations, clinics, programs, and community centers
  • Attending benefits, galas, and other fundraising events as a representative of our agency
  • Helping with campaign tables for large events in the community, such as Carnival, SF Pride, Folsom Street Fair, and others
  • Updating referral databases and inputting data

Additionally, the agency is open to your ideas! If you have a special skill the agency might find valuable, please let us know.