24/7 Crisis Lines

Help is always available on San Francisco Suicide Prevention’s Confidential Crisis Lines. We are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year!

Crisis Line

Call 24/7 (415) 781-0500

San Francisco Suicide Preventions 24-hour Crisis Line provides crisis intervention and emotional support to everyone who calls. Since 1962, we have been answering the telephone around the clock, whenever we are needed. We have maintained this service for over 50 years through the wonderful dedication of over 200 trained individuals who volunteer their time to answer the phones and help their neighbors through a crisis. All volunteers are trained and supervised by professional staff and receive ongoing training to hone their skills with the newest developments in the field of suicide prevention.


HIV Nightline 

Call 24/7 (415) 434-2437 or 1 (800) 628-9240 Nationwide 

The HIV/AIDS Nightline responds to calls annually from all over the United States. People call us for many reasons, such as needing emotional support after testing positive, living with HIV/AIDS or to ask questions about HIV transmission risks. The Nightline is often the only resource open for immediate support because of our unique hours.


The Drug and Relapse Line

Drug Line, Call 24/7 (415) 362-3400
Relapse Line, Call 24/7 (415) 834-1144 

Substance abuse and addiction are closely intertwined with suicide and emotional pain, so San Francisco Suicide Prevention established these programs to assist people who were struggling with substance-related issues as well as their friends and families. The Drug Line and Relapse Line provide referrals to specialized treatment programs, crisis intervention, information on addictions and recovery, and emotional support along the recovery journey.


TTY Line

Reach Us 24/7 (415) 227-0245

For those TTY users in the Deaf community, we’re here for you 24/7 and can offer you the same competent services that we offer on the Crisis Line. TTY relay calls are generally made using a text telephone, also known as TTY, which is a communications device equipped with a keyboard for typing messages and a screen for reading messages. A TTY device connects to a standard phone line at the San Francisco Suicide Prevention Center.