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Youth Risk Reduction

San Francisco Suicide Prevention has operated the Youth Risk Reduction Program for a decade. Over that period, the program has become well known in the community, and the number of suicides among San Francisco teens has significantly decreased.

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To access any of the services below, please contact the Youth Coordinator, Anthony Satariano, [email protected]

Youth Risk Reduction Program Services

Students and Teachers!

Print out this DIY Saftey-Plan and watch this video to learn how to fold it.

DIY safety plan

1) Peer-based Education in Schools and Social Service Agencies

Program staff and volunteers provide peer-based education to young people in the public schools and social service agencies through a risk reduction curriculum developed from staff experience in working with the youth community.  Over 10,000 youth are trained in suicide prevention techniques every year in order to help themselves and to help their friends through crisis.

2) Youth Cluster Suicide Intervention

One of the most dangerous situations associated with youth suicide is the possibility of a cluster. At San Francisco Suicide Prevention, we intervene, providing the school staff power and expertise to provide all students, teachers, counselors, and parents with direction, grief counseling, and educational sessions at no charge. During this critical time, San Francisco Suicide Prevention staff typically provides 100 to 200 hours of staff time over a one month period at no cost to the school.

3) Teacher and Social Service Agency Staff Training

Teachers often tell us, “I think one of my students might be depressed, but maybe he’s just quiet,” or “One of my students turned in some disturbing artwork. How can I talk to her about it?” Teachers, counselors, and social workers act as first-line safety nets. The program trains hundreds of teachers and social service agency staff every year.

4) Risk Reduction Counseling on Hotlines and Internet Chat/Email Services

Our youth-based presentations are reinforced with a handout encouraging young people to call our crisis hotlines and internet chat and email services (along with referrals to other youth agencies.)  We receive thousands of counseling calls and emails every year from young people seeking help for themselves or their friends.

Click here for San Francisco Suicide Prevention’s post-vention guidelines after a suicide at a school.