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San Francisco Suicide Prevention could not exist without the dedication of more than 100 community volunteers every year.  Most of our volunteers assist the community on our hotline and internet chat services. However, we also recruit for administrative and outreach volunteers.

Hotline Volunteering

Are you a good listener? Caring? Supportive? Understanding? Do you want a real challenge? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then San Francisco Suicide Prevention may be right for you! As a Hotline Volunteer, you will be doing the following:

  • Providing emotional support in a non-judgmental manner
  • Assessing for risk of suicide, de-escalating crises
  • Providing information and referrals when appropriate

Learn more about becoming a Hotline Volunteer

Grief Response Team

The ideal volunteer is someone who is passionate about helping others, has a flexible schedule, and believes in connecting with the community. Volunteers will be fully trained to respond alongside San Francisco’s first responders in the event of a tragedy. A GRT volunteer will provide:

  • In person emotional and grief support
  • Referrals
  • Information about what to expect in the days to come
  • Any other immediate needs for the survivors of the loss.

Learn more about becoming a Grief Response Team Volunteer

Outreach Volunteering

Outreach volunteers provide support for a wide range of tasks depending on their experience.  Here are examples of some of the potential volunteer activities:

  • Tabling at city events
  • Public speaking on suicide prevention
  • Updating referral databases

Learn more about becoming an Outreach Volunteer

Youth Risk Reduction Program

Youth Risk Reduction Volunteers help empower young people to reach out for support and to support their peers through emotional crisis. Volunteers have the opportunity to connect with youth directly in classrooms, youth organizations, and various community events.

Learn more about becoming a Youth Risk Reduction Volunteer

Development Volunteering

Do you have a background in non profit development or would you like to learn more about the field & business side of non profit work?

Consider joining our Resource Development Committee. This is a group of creative thinking individuals that will meet 4-6 times/year to discuss potential funding opportunities, evaluate the current financial needs of the organization and come up with creative solutions, plan fundraising events, and participate in the business side of non profit work (including grant writing, fundraising events, social media campaigns, strategic planning tours, mailings, and so forth).

Learn more about becoming a Development Volunteer


All interns through San Francisco Suicide Prevention are hotline volunteers collecting Board of Behavioral Science hours for licensure.

Learn more about interning with us