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DCI – Desire, Capability, Intent

Things to watch for when assessing potential risk…

  • DESIRE – Does the person say they want to end their own life?
    • Do they have a desire to end pain (physical or emotional)?
    • Feel trapped with no way out?
  • CAPABILITY – (both physical and emotional) Does the person have access to, and the ability to use a lethal method of ending their own life?
    • Do they have a plan?
    • Is the plan lethal?
    • Do they have access to the means?
    • History of attempt?
    • Loss?
    • Lack of emotional support?
  • INTENT– Does the person disclose a commitment to end one’s life?
    • Is there a plan in place?
    • Are there preparatory actions for the plan?
    • Is there a timeframe for the attempt?