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Prevention Strategies

We believe that every human deserves connection and support.  Loneliness can generate harmful perspectives about low self-worth, burdensomeness, and lack of purpose.  We hope that by increasing awareness and compassion around suicide, people will feel less likely to consider suicide their only option.

San Francisco Suicide Prevention has been operating a 24/7 phone line to support anyone who needs someone to talk to since 1962.  You do not need to be suicidal to call.  We believe that by talking before you’re in a state of crisis, it can help prevent the crisis from forming.

The following pages can help provide perspective on how to mimic our strategies for addressing suicidal thoughts and de-escalating a potential suicidal crisis.  If, after reviewing this information, you’d like to talk about your circumstances, trained counselors are standing by at 415-781-0500.

How to Help Someone At Risk of Suicide: General guidelines on what to do if someone you know is at risk.

Warning signs of suicide: Cues that someone might be considering suicide

Suicide risk assessment: Which questions to ask to determine if someone is at risk of physical harm

Means removal: Suggestions on how to protect someone who has chosen a suicide plan

Myths and facts: Information to help de-stigmatize suicide and support those at risk