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Peer Workforce Supportive Services

In partnership with the Richmond Area Multiservies, Inc (RAMS), we will host 3 core activities that will benefit professionals of mental health services (PMHS Workforce) and their families/loved ones to facilitate better retention rates and ongoing care.

Telephone and Online Support is an anonymous telephone and online chat service that will have a dedicated phone number and online connection specifically for PMHS workforce with lived experience and family members. The Support Line is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week (with multi-lingual capacities), so that workforce members and family members can immediately address challenges and provide emotional support when needed, regardless of their own work schedule.

The Support Line is staffed by individuals with lived experience and family members, trained to support other professionals in the mental health field. It will be available 24-hours a day; this is significant because many people who work in mental health do not have a standard 9a-5p job, and therefore can struggle to find time or convenience for their own support needs outside of work.

Peer Led Support Groups (Drop In) – We additionally offer Peer Led Support Groups which occur monthly, with each meeting being 3 hours. The first half hour will include an overview of group objectives and processes, while the remaining time would be a discussion on varying topics that relate to various experiences and cultures, including self-care, physical health and wellness, focusing on ways to overcome workplace and personal challenges associated with lived experiences. Discussions may be facilitated by various professionals in mental health and wellness. The group will provide ongoing support to PMHS workforce members with lived experiences and family members, and provide an opportunity for additional emotional or professional support between standard groups.

To further promote workforce support and outreach/engagement efforts, the SFSP will also conduct Quarterly Sessions (each 2 hours) that are open to any PMHS workforce member with lived experience and family members. These trainings are aimed to increase employee engagement, investment in the work, and increase employee’s feelings/self-perception of gaining competence and expertise. These activities support promotion and outreach as well as raising awareness about various issues. These trainings can also include “general” topics such as: benefits counseling, nutrition and health, self-care and burnout prevention, etc. (For schedule and topics of the Quarterly Trainings, or to be involved, please contact Meghan Freebeck at [email protected]). 

Mentorship Program – Looking to advance your career in the nonprofit field? Been in the field a while but having trouble seeing a future or growth at your place of work? Considering a change or future in the nonprofit sector? Then this is the program for you! We will match menteees with mentors of similar interests (but never from their places of work) that have been successful in the field. Beginning in February – contact Meghan at [email protected] to learn more and apply!