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Internet and Text Counseling

Internet Counseling: email and chat

The telephone was an unusually technological approach to human services when San Francisco Suicide Prevention began offering telephone-based crisis management in 1962.  Many clinicians felt that people could not be helped without actually being seen face to face.  But so many people in the community preferred to use the telephone because of its convenience and availability that it became accepted as a crisis management tool.

Now a sizeable segment of the community prefers to use computers and hand-held devices instead of telephones to communicate in a crisis.  They feel a greater sense of privacy and immediacy through this medium.  San Francisco Suicide Prevention made the decision to expand services in this direction in order not to lose the opportunity for helping people who no longer prefer the telephone.

Contact Us Online

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Support for Teens

San Francisco Suicide Prevention is part of the 24/7 Crisis Text Line Network that provides emotional support and information to teens in any type of crisis via the medium that they already use and trust: TEXT.

This service is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

All text counselors are trained and supervised by a professional staff, and all receive ongoing training to hone their skills with the newest developments in the field of crisis intervention.

  •  Text MYLIFE to 741741

Please note: The services should not be used for emergencies because they are not always answered immediately.