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Calling the HIV Nightline: FAQ

HIV/AIDS Nightline: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have medical questions about HIV or AIDS. Can a Nightline counselor answer them?
A. Our Nightline volunteers are trained in the basics of HIV transmission and prevention, but are mainly here to provide emotional support to those living with HIV and AIDS. Please check our referrals section for outside agencies that can answer more detailed medical questions.
Q. Can a Nightline counselor answer my questions about Hep C or other STDs?
A. The Nightline training currently covers only HIV and AIDS, but our counselors would be happy to provide referrals for info on Hep C and other STDs should you need them.
Q. I live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Can a Nightline counselor provide me with local referrals for testing and treatment?
A. The main purpose of the Nightline is to provide emotional support, but our volunteers do have access to a national registry of testing sites. You may be referred to a local HIV Hotline if you are in need of treatment resources.
Q. When is the Nightline open?
A. The AIDS/HIV Nightline hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.