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HIV Nightline

Open 24/7, every day, every night

Call (415) 434-2437 or
(800) 628-9240 Nationwide

The HIV/AIDS Nightline responds to over 15,000 calls annually from all over the United States.  People call us for many reasons: people just testing HIV positive, people in later stages of AIDS feeling isolated and/or concerned about their medications, caregivers buckling under the stress of caring for a loved one at home, and people concerned about the HIV risks.  What makes the Nightline unique is our hours.  For people receiving their HIV test results after work at a clinic, to people just having a night of unsafe sexual exposure, the program is often the only resource open for immediate care.

Program History Since 1989

In 1989, a small group of San Francisco Suicide Prevention volunteers with AIDS recognized the great need for nighttime emotional support and counseling services for people living with the disease. They realized that nighttime emotional support is essential for people with HIV as medications and emotional stress often result in sleep disturbances, and that HIV-related emotional concerns such as anxiety, despair, loneliness, grief and suicidal ideation are at their peak during nighttime hours.

We’ve seen many changes in the HIV epidemic. In some ways, the issues our callers face have shifted dramatically, especially due to the hope resulting from improved treatment strategies.  What has not changed is fear. Today our clients face the fears of treatment failure, new health epidemics such as Hep C and cancer, and negotiating a new world of living with HIV. The Nightline is as necessary now as it was in 1989. We remain the only program of its kind in the United States.

The HIV Textline

(415) 200-2920

In 2017 the HIV Textline was started to provide an alternate form of support for those made anxious by speaking over the phone.  Available 24/7, our HIV text specific line is suited to all of the same topics as our phone service.  Specific terms and conditions apply, which can be reviewed here.