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Benefits of Group Participation


Managing your grief in a group setting has its advantages as well as some risks. The potential risks of participating in our emotional support group are no greater than any other form of healing.

Group participation promotes intrapersonal and interpersonal hope.  You are valuable, and you will be valuable to everyone in this group. The common experience that you share and emotional support that you offer assures others that they are not alone in their grief and that survival is possible.

  • Group participation reduces a sense of isolation. Your grief will never go away entirely by avoiding it. Joining us may give you a sense that what you’re doing is a positive step to helping yourself.
  • Group participation promotes being true to yourself. It is within our  group that you can express your true feelings, whether they are  anger, shame or guilt, without being judged by others.
  • Group participation will allow you to witness the healing process. You will meet others and find that we all have resources to help ourselves and to be of help to others by being with and talking with others.
  • Group participation allows you to gather information. Our group will give you the opportunity to befriend others who are suffering a similar loss, and is often an opportunity to exchange valuable information.

For more information about the next Grief Group, contact Megan White at [email protected]