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Emergency Services


24 hours/7 days a week

For psychiatric and medical emergencies. Police are available to perform wellness checks to assess for suicidality, and are authorized to put those in suicidal crisis on 72-hour involuntary hold at Psychiatric Emergency Services at SF General Hospital.

Golden Gate Bridge Police

24 hours/7 days a week

This number connects to the Sergeant’s Office, on site at the Golden Gate Bridge. Officers are available 24 hours a day to investigate potential suicide attempts on the bridge.

Poison Control California

24 hours/7 days a week

Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and poison information providers give immediate, free advice and referrals in case of overdose or exposure to toxic substances.

Mobile Crisis

M–F 8:30am-11pm; Weekends 12pm–8pm

For psychiatric crises that do not require immediate intervention. Mobile Crisis performs wellness checks, dispenses emergency medications, and conducts mental health triage in the field, but may take several hours to arrive due to limited resources. Mobile crisis is authorized to admit suicidal persons at Psychiatric Emergency Services at SF General Hospital for a 72-hour involuntary hold.

Psychiatric Emergency Services

24 hours/7 days a week
SF General Hospital
1001 Potrero Ave., SF

44-bed acute psychiatric unit at San Francisco General Hospital. PES provides emergency assessment, stabilization, and disposition to clients brought in by emergency services, triage units, and family. Clients may also check themselves into PES.

Westside Crisis

415/355-0311 (Option 5)
M–F 8am–8pm; Saturday 9am–5pm
245 11th St., SF

Provides same-day mental health services, such as symptom stabilization and emergency medications. Provides referrals for ongoing mental health care and substance abuse programs to clients who visit the clinic.

Dore Urgent Care Clinic

Open 24/7
52 Dore St., SF

Provides mental health triage services to non-violent clients who are free of command hallucinations to harm themselves or others and are medically stable. Clients must sign in voluntarily.


Mental Health Access

415/255-3737 or 888/246-3333
24 hours/7 days a week

Provides referrals for no-cost and low-cost counseling services through a culturally diverse network of clinics and private practitioners in the city of San Francisco.  Must be a resident of San Francisco to qualify.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Chat


Offers emotional support, crisis de-escalation and emergency intervention 24/7 through in-browser chat system.  National program operated through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Crisis Text Line

Text “MYLIFE” to 741741

National texting service available 24/7, offering referrals, emotional support and crisis de-escalation.


M 9am–7pm; T-Th 9am–9pm; F 9am–5pm; Closed Weekends

Offers culturally-focused coordinated services to Asian & Pacific Islander American and Russian-speaking communities, as well as general outpatient mental health services to residents of San Francisco.



Bay Positives

701 Oak Street, SF

Serves youth (under 26 years of age) living with HIV & AIDS.  Provides testing, counseling, case management, and social events for positive youths.

Bayview Hunter’s Point Foundation

1625 Carroll Street, SF

Provides HIV-positive members of the African American community with case management services and referrals. Works with individual clients as well as families to provide practical assistance.

Mission Neighborhood Health Center

240 Shotwell Street, SF


Provides comprehensive outpatient medical services—including HIV testing and HIV prevention and services—to Latino and Latina individuals living with HIV.

Project Inform • National HIV/AIDS Treatment Hotline

800/822-7422      Monday–Friday, 10am–4pm (Pacific Time)


Provides information on the diagnosis, treatment and research of HIV disease

San Francisco AIDS Foundation: California HIV/AIDS Hotline



An excellent resource for HIV related referrals and information

San Francisco Community Health Center (Formerly API Wellness)

The Tenderloin

726 Polk Street
San Francsico, CA 94109

Clinic Hours:
M-T-W-F: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Th: 11:00 am – 7:30 pm

The Castro
1800 Market Street, Suit 401
San Francisco, CA 94102

Clinic Hours:
Mon: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Tue: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Provides health services, counseling, support and education for people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. Provides social and mental health services to the transgender community.

Stonewall Project (Operated by SF Aids Foundation)

1035 Market Street, Suite 400

San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 487-3100


 The Stonewall Project is a family of programs dedicated to providing harm reduction-based counseling, treatment, and support services to gay men, transmen who have sex with men, and other men who have sex with men who are having issues with drugs and/or alcohol.


At Strut you can find the tools and support to manage physical, emotional and social aspects of your health. Services provided through Magnet are now part of Strut.

470 Castro Street

San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 581-1600



Alcoholics Anonymous


12-step model for recovery from Alcoholism. Call for meeting times and locations in Bay Area.

Narcotics Anonymous


Call for meeting times and locations in the Bay Area.

Haight Ashbury Free Clinics

612 Clayton Street, SF

Provides free, nonjudgmental medical substance abuse treatment and prevention services to underserved and marginalized populations in San Francisco.

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs and Eating Disorders Clinic

601 Steiner Street, SF

Provides affordable programs for adults and adolescents in recovery from alcoholism, chemical dependency, and eating disorders. Inpatient and outpatient services available.

The Stonewall Project

1 6th St., SF

A harm-reduction program for gay and bisexual men who have questions about speed, want information about speed, want help dealing with speed, etc. Does not require clients to be clean and sober.

S.T.O.P. (Stimulant Treatment Outpatient Program)

3180 18th Street, Suite 202, SF

Intensive outpatient harm-reduction treatment program for anyone for those using or abusing speed or cocaine.