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Wish List

Request for volunteer Graphic Designer

Goal: San Francisco Suicide Prevention is seeking a design professional to assist with a coordinated  outreach campaigns to promote suicide prevention, marketing for fundraising events, and other promotional materials.


Wish List

One major way to help San Francisco Suicide Prevention is to take a look at our wish list, and acquire any of these items for the agency, either by approaching a store, just buying it yourself, or being creative.  For more details, call Meghan Freebeck at 415/984-1900 x107 or email at [email protected].

  1. Volunteer Food:
    Volunteers are here 24/7, they are busy and they are hungry!  One time or ongoing donations of food really helps.
  2. Volunteer Drinks:
    Same as food, donations of soft drinks, ground coffee, tea, or any nonperishable drinks are greatly appreciated.
  3. Office Supplies:
    The more we can get donated, the less money we need to spend for office supplies.  Copy paper is especially needed.
  4. Newer Mac Computers:
    We operate off “older” Macs here at the agency, and being able to acquire anything more powerful helps.  To be specific, we are looking for at least Mac Mini OX 10.4 or better operating systems.
  5. Flat Screen Television:
    Something of reasonable size that can be easily moved for volunteer training.
  6. PowerPoint Projector:
    For our youth program to take to schools during presentations.
  7. Small Carpet Cleaner:
    Volunteers up all night taking calls = coffee stains on the carpet.  We could use a small spot remover carpet cleaner.
  8. Stylish Furniture:
    We are in the process of setting up a volunteer lounge. Think IKEA; we are looking for stylish furniture.
  9. Trade Show Display:
    Something small and easy to carry on MUNI as we go to health fairs and schools.
  10. Silent Auction Gifts:
    We have a number of events throughout the year with silent auctions. Your gifts of retail items can be very helpful to raise funds.