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Donations & Events

San Francisco Suicide Prevention has an annual budget of just over $1million, and we accomplish this through the great support of private donations. Without such support, we could not provide our life saving and life changing programs.

We provide every level of service completely free to the community. Each year, we respond to over 70,000 calls. With the support of over 150 volunteers annually across every department, we are able to keep our services incredibly cost-effective.

Curious about the impact of your donations?

$5,000 Level

This will allow us to have a staff person in our Youth Risk Reduction program go directly into the community, schools, and other organizations to provide training, outreach, resources, and necessary education for an entire month of services.

$1,000 Level 

This will allow us to provide up to date technology, 24/7 phone lines, and additional training services for our volunteers to answer calls at a faster pace through phone calls, texting, online chat, and email: every second counts!

$500 Level

At this level, we are able to host an entire Grief Support Group session for individuals who have lost loved ones to suicide. Our groups are free for all people, which is especially important so that care and support is accessible to anyone.

$250 Level 

This is the total cost of each Volunteer Training Course for up to 15 people. Help us put more people on the lines!

$100 Level

We provide counseling through translation services in over 140 languages! Every $100 supports our translation services for an entire month.

$50 Level

This level will help us to cover basic costs such as rent, electricity, and volunteer supervision.

Thank you for your support!