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The staff of San Francisco Suicide Prevention is an interdisciplinary team that provides training, supervision, and support to the volunteers at the core of the agency’s services. A highly experienced business office manages the agency.

Eve R. Meyer, MSW, MHSA – Executive Director

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x101
Eve R. Meyer has been executive director of San Francisco Suicide Prevention for over 20 years and is frequently a spokesperson on suicide issues. She earned a Masters Degree in social work from the University of Chicago and a Masters Degree in health services administration from the University of Michigan. Previously she has worked as a marketing director for hospitals and as a health facility planner for a hospital design firm. She is married to a computer professional and has a teen-age son. She is proud of the quality of the staff and volunteers who help an extraordinary number of people in crisis every day.

Courtney Brown, BA – Hotline Director

[email protected] – (415) 984-1900 x109
Courtney Brown started as a hotline volunteer in March of 2011, and has gradually increased her involvement at the agency first as a weekend on-call counselor, later as the volunteer coordinator, hotline coordinator, hotline manager, and currently the hotline director.  She has performed many functions within the agency, including recruiting and training new volunteers, writing the 250-page hotline protocol manual, performing external trainings with community organizations on suicide de-escalation, and consulting with both non-profits and for-profits for best practices regarding suicidality. 

Jimmy Ancheta Jr, MA – Director of Development 

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x 107

Rob Beal – Grief Response Coordinator & Crisis Line Counselor

[email protected] (415)984-1900 ext106

Elisay DiGiuseppe, MBA – Accountant

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x110

Jeremy Garza, BA – Overnight Manager

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x136

Joel Goldsmith, BA – Volunteer Coordinator

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x105

Nicki Greenberg, BA – Weekend Coordinator

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x105

Fletcher Johnson, MA – Education and Outreach Specialist

[email protected]  – (415)984-1900 x112

Tayler Lim, BA – Youth Outreach Manager

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x113

Nicole Matcha, MA – Access Coordinator

[email protected]  – (415)984-1900 x114

Alex Moreno – Information Technology Director

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x108

Jane Tsang – Office Manager

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x131

Cecilia Villalobos – Development Coordinator

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x103