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The staff of San Francisco Suicide Prevention is an interdisciplinary team that provides training, supervision, and support to the volunteers at the core of the agency’s services. A highly experienced business office manages the agency.

Eve R. Meyer, MSW, MHSA – Executive Director

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x101
Eve R. Meyer has been executive director of San Francisco Suicide Prevention for over 20 years and is frequently a spokesperson on suicide issues. She earned a Masters Degree in social work from the University of Chicago and a Masters Degree in health services administration from the University of Michigan. Previously she has worked as a marketing director for hospitals and as a health facility planner for a hospital design firm. She is married to a computer professional and has a teen-age son. She is proud of the quality of the staff and volunteers who help an extraordinary number of people in crisis every day.

Courtney Brown, BA – Hotline Director

[email protected] – (415) 984-1900 x109
Courtney Brown started as a hotline volunteer in March of 2011, and has gradually increased her involvement at the agency first as a weekend on-call counselor, later as the volunteer coordinator, hotline coordinator, hotline manager, and currently the hotline director.  Courtney is the primary point-person for volunteer recruitment and training, supervising classroom instruction and one-on-one mentoring for new volunteers.  

Jimmy Ancheta Jr, MA – Development Manager

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x 107

Rob Beal – Grief Response Coordinator & Nighttime Assistant

[email protected] (415)984-1900 ext106

Elisay DiGiuseppe, MBA – Accountant

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x110

Jeremy Garza, BA – Overnight Manager

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x136

Joel Goldsmith – Weekend Coordinator

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x102

Danielle Hubbard, BA – Volunteer Coordinator

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x105

Fletcher Johnson, MA – Education and Outreach Specialist

[email protected]  – (415)984-1900 x112

Tayler Lim – Youth Outreach Manager

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x113

Nicole Matcha, MA – Access Coordinator

[email protected]  – (415)984-1900 x114

Alex Moreno – Information Technology Director

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x108

Jane Tsang – Office Manager

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x131

Cecilia Villalobos – Development Coordinator

[email protected] – (415)984-1900 x103